Scouting 4 Trees Svc Project

Scouting 4 Trees is a large service project that was begun in the Omaha area by Troop 282 in the late 1990's.  The project consists of picking up used, real Christmas trees and delivering them to the tree recycling centers.  This is a deceivingly simple description of a large and somewhat complex project that needs many volunteers to help it run smoothly. Please see below.  

In the early beginnings, a small area around Millard was serviced, but we started experiencing tremendous growth once we started covering entire zip codes.  Several years ago we teamed up with Troop 558 which nearly doubled the service area for the project to cover Omaha west of 72nd street excluding Boys Town, but including the Gretna, and the Millard areas.  In 2014, we're expecting to expand our coverage again with the help of Troops 570 and 429, where the service area will expand eastward to nearly 42nd street for much of Omaha, and North West to include the Elkhorn area. Our goal is to some day offer coverage for the whole Metro area.  If you are part of a troop that can help us expand, please contact us.

It's a service project because we offer to pick the Christmas trees up free of charge and deliver them to the tree recycling centers around Omaha, but we also solicit free will donations to help fund troop activities and camping scholarships. Our experience thus far has been that most people are very happy to contribute, and we greatly appreciate the support from this generosity.

From the customer's perspective the process works like this: 

  1. A customer signs up for us to pick up their tree on a date they choose from a list of dates we specify
  2. We check over the signup information and turn it into a "reservation"
  3. An email confirmation that the reservation has been made is sent, if an email address is supplied
  4. The customer places their tree out near the street before 9am on the day scheduled
  5. We come by with trucks, pickups and trailers to collect all the trees and leave an envelope for donations

To make the project work we need :

Boy Scouts:

    • to contact Christmas tree sellers to see if they will distribute a card advertising this service project 
    • to prepare and distribute the advertising card, attaching them directly to the trees in some cases
    • to grab the trees and place them into the trailers, and place the envelope on the customer's door

Adult Scout Volunteers:

    • to mentor the Scouts contacting tree sellers
    • to monitor the Scouts as they prepare and distribute the advertising material
    • to build, maintain and support the signup and admin website
    • to listen to phone messages from those who sign up via the phone instead of the web, and enter those into the signup database
    • to review the signups to turn them into confirmed reservations
    • to take the reservations and turn them into routes for our drivers
    • to drive trucks and/or pull trailers to pick the trees up
    • to navigate to help the drivers on their routes
    • to help the boys load the trees when needed and help ensure trees are tied down securely as needed

Business Partnerships:

    • print shops to print the advertising materials
    • office supply shops for envelopes and other misc materials
    • tree sellers accepting the advertising material and allowing us to place these materials at their locations
    • postal service where we purchase stamps, and they deliver the self addressed, stamped envelopes back to the various troops

To visit the Scouting for Trees website, please click here: