Scoutmaster Patrick Borg

Eagle Scout Patrick Borg is a Wood Badge trained leader who has served as Cubmaster, Den Leader, Scoutmaster of 1st Years and now Scoutmaster. He not only leads the troop, but has led his 2 sons to Eagle Scout. Mr. Borg is also active in his church's youth group and has earned the God & Service Award for his tireless efforts to youth both in Scouting and through his church. 

Troop 282 is proud to have the tutelage of Mr. Borg and his team of Scoutmasters. 

Scoutmaster Patrick Borg

Mr. Borg's gentle manner bringing out the BEST of the Scouts on our way to an epic weekend adventure.

Scoutmaster of Troop 282G Jaycob McCormick

Eagle Scout Jaycob McCormick has served as Cubmaster of Pack 374, den leader at Pack 363 is Wood Badge trained. He now serves as the Scoutmaster of the newly formed Troop 282G. As the ScoutsBSA troop grows, Jaycob watches over those patrols linked within Troop 282B mentoring Scouts including his own daughter currently working the road to Eagle Scout

Jaycob also has an Eagle Scout son currently serving as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. His easy going spirit and willingness to dive in where ever needed means he's always around and part of the fun. 

Treasurer Kevin Goff

Keeping track of finances is the specialty of Gretna Fire Chief Kevin Goff. Kevin has 2 Eagle Scout sons with one serving as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. Kevin's willingness to be flexible means you'll not be stressed over the Troop's finances. 

ASM Quartermaster Paul Shimerdla

Don't let anyone tell you differently, the key to a successful outing is reliable equipment kept in working order. 

Eagle Scout Paul Shimerdla watches over the ScoutBSA Quartermasters and maintains all of Troop 282's gear. His helpful spirit is paramount in the Scouts relying on his tutelage. 

Paul has an Eagle Scout son currently serving in the military. 

Committee Chair boB

Behind the scenes you may run into boB. Feel free to ask any question, he probably won't know the answer, but will make sure and get you to the right place to get it answered. 

ASM Matt Geerts

Eagle Scout Matt Geerts brings whit and the best stories one can imagine. Matt also serves as Cubmaster mentoring his 5 children through Scouting. At Troop 282 you'll see Matt coordinating and teaching Eagle required Merit Badges. He also has 2 sons currently on the road to Eagle within the troop.

Troop 282's adult (White Buffalo) patrol watching a rousing Scoutmaster minute delivered by Scoutmaster Borg.